LinkUS offers strategic communication services to its customers with a team of trusted advisors, who excel in reputation management. LinkUS creates impactful projects, while achieving significant results. LinkUS also maintains strong relationships with editors in chief in national newspapers, in addition to executive editors in economy and finance sections, and leading columnists.

Yurdanur Semerci

Yurdanur Semerci is the Founder and Chairman of LinkUs

Yurdanur Semerci is the Founder and Chairman of LinkUs. After graduating from University of Rochester, she began her career at Chase Manhattan Bank, and continued at Yapi Kredi Bank in Istanbul. She has extensive experience in corporate communications and corporate affairs, maintaining leadership positions within major corporations, such as Philip Moris and Ritz Carlton, over her 25 year career. In 2009, she established LinkUS, where she serves clients from various industries and sectors around the world.