• Establishing a corporate social responsibility conflict, creating a roadmap and process management by analyzing the objectives of the institution, the realities of the country and our social values
  • Developing sustainable, different and innovative project proposals that will add value to reputation
  • Developing and redesigning existing social responsibility activities within the determined strategy
  • Identifying the stakeholder map
  • Dissemination of projects within the company by working in coordination with internal communication
  • Impact analysis and evaluation for projects
  • Suggestions for activities that will increase the awareness of the projects and create social awareness
  • Sharing the social effects of the projects with the public through the media.

1000 Farmers Endless Prosperity Program

Establishing, planning and implementing the 1000 Farmers Endless Prosperity Program, which was implemented in 2019 with the aim of increasing the yield and welfare of corn, sunflower and canola farmers in Turkey and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

The Women Leaders of Future Program

Establishing, planning and implementing the The Women Leaders of Future Program, which was implemented in cooperation with the Turkish Education Foundation in 2020 to equip women with the necessary knowledge and skills to participate in economic life in Turkey and strengthen their social and economic positions.
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My Sister Project

Designing, planning and implementing the “My Sister Project”, which will support women’s empowerment in Turkey and target women who want to strengthen their position in their current location based on the concept of “sister” in order to increase the culture of solidarity.